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Do you like Magic? Do you want to learn how to become a better player? Do you like to laugh? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, congratulations! Good Luck, High Five is for you!



If you like to see things with your eyes, GLHF labs has content for you! We produce fresh, new videos of all kinds every single week. Think: deck techs, draft guides & board game reviews!

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Watch us play Magic, live on Twitch! We stream every Tuesday afternoon. It’s tons of fun and usually involves tons of shenanigans. The best kind of shenanigans, of course.


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Podcasts + Videos

GLH5 Episode #326: The Big No Sleep

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The Upkeep: Week of April 22nd, 2019

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On this episode, news about: Mythic Championship London highlights Modern & #MTGWAR (coming up this weekend!), changes come to Magic Arena with the release of War of the Spark, Grand…

GLH5 Vidcast #325: War of the Spark Prerelease Primer

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Get ready for your #MTGWAR prerelease next weekend with everyone's favorite GLHF guest: Judge Rob!

GeekOn Backpack Review for Board Gamers

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Looking for the ultimate backpack for your board gaming needs? GLHF Game Guy Nicholas tries out an option from Geek On that holds a WILD amount of games!

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